Use Account Scoring to Grow Revenue Faster

How do you ensure your revenue teams are all focused on prioritizing and reaching out to the accounts that will drive the most revenue for your organization faster – even in challenging times? The answer is account scoring. In our latest eBook, you’ll learn all about account scoring and how you can implement it in

Discover Your True Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

An updated ICP is critical for any organization that wants to grow its revenue. In fact, high growth companies claim that developing an accurate ICP resulted in a 68% higher average account win rate. In our latest ebook, you’ll learn how to develop a strong ICP so that you can align your sales and marketing

Strategically Plan Sales Territories with Technology Intelligence

Technology intelligence gives you deep insights into your sales territories,allowing you to identify and prioritize the accounts with the highestpropensity to buy. How Tech Intelligence Creates More Profitable Sales Territories: Provides a more accurate picture of your total addressable market(TAM), allowing you to expand into new territories with confidence Segments your TAM to discover the

Sell Faster with Tech Intelligence

Sell Faster with Tech Intelligence

One of the main challenges B2B sales and marketing teams face is prioritizing their outreach on the right accounts or prospects. If you have a database filled with hundreds, or thousands, of accounts, it can be tough to segment your outreach properly so that you target the right audience with the most relevant message. Download

Account Scoring with Technology Intelligence

Technology Intelligence allow growing businesses to identify accounts that are 50% more likely to convert into close/won revenue. This is why sales and marketing teams who use technology intelligence to score their accounts cite tech install data as the most critical component of their success. Top Account Scoring Use Cases That Maximize Sales Competitive Displacement:

Sell to the Right Accounts with Technology Intelligence

In a recent survey by OutboundWorks, only 50% of the sales organizations surveyed felt confident their teams were engaging the most strategic accounts. If you want to make sure your sales team is talking to the right companies, you need technology intelligence. Use Technology Intelligence to Reach the Most Relevant Accounts Find New Opportunities: expand