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SVP Product

Fima Leshinsky

Fima Leshinsky, Senior Vice President of Product, leads HG Insights’ product strategy and execution. Prior to joining HG, Fima co-founded Intricately, an infrastructure spend intelligence platform powering revenue operations for leading cloud companies. Fima served as CEO of Intricately from 2014—2019 and then as CTO until HG’s acquisition of Intricately in 2022.

Fima previously served as Lead Architect for Akamai Technologies, where he managed R&D for new cloud offerings for the mobile and security markets. Fima rejoined Akamai after its $268M acquisition of Cotendo, where he served as CTO for the company’s mobile division.

Fima is a proven product leader, innovator, and entrepreneur. He’s passionate about building world-class product teams and bridging the  gap between business and technology innovation.

A natural leader and technology enthusiast, Fima holds a MS in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz and a BS in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

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Fima Leshinsky, SVP Product

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