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HG Insights Market Intelligence A platform overview Watch a more in-depth Market Intelligence product video On-Demand, Self-Service B2B Market Intelligence Size markets by IT spend, tech installs, firmographics and other customizable criteria Analyze vendor penetration and share to find threats, trends and opportunities Allocate resources more efficiently Identify untapped market potential with whitespace analysis Trusted

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PODCAST: How the Right Market Intelligence Enables Organizations to Thrive

From strategic planning to campaign execution, the right market intelligence gives business leaders the insights they need to understand their markets in depth, make better business decisions, and go-to-market with confidence. On the Modern Marketing Podcast, HG Insights’ CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky discussed why using traditional market reports to guide business strategy is no longer enough,

John Connell

HG Insights’ EVP Marketing and Digital Product is Finalist for Major Agency Award in Data Provider Category

HG Insights is pleased to announce that our EVP Marketing and Digital Product, John Connell, is a finalist for Salesperson of the Year in the Data Provider category at the 2021 Dick Reed Awards. Introduced last year, the Dick Reed Awards honor the Just Global marketing agency’s long-time former CEO while celebrating the people, platforms

Market Intelligence

HG Insights Launches New Market Intelligence Product to Help B2B Companies Improve Their Go-to-Market Performance

For years, business leaders have relied on traditional, top-down market intelligence reports to understand their markets. The problem with these survey-based reports is that they don’t provide the level of depth you need to make market entry or resource allocation decisions with confidence. Additionally, these reports do not provide the detailed account-level intelligence your sales

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2020’s Top Ten Tech Posts

2020 was a challenging year for many companies. For most of us, face-to-face meetings became impossible, so we looked for alternative ways to reach and connect with the right prospects. Nobody had time to waste on accounts that had little likelihood of becoming customers. After all, we still had revenue targets to hit in order