2020 was a challenging year for many companies. For most of us, face-to-face meetings became impossible, so we looked for alternative ways to reach and connect with the right prospects. Nobody had time to waste on accounts that had little likelihood of becoming customers. After all, we still had revenue targets to hit in order to keep the business going.

As evidenced by our top ten list of tech posts, this year forced us to become smarter about selecting our accounts, defining our ICP and segmenting with purpose. And, for our most successful customers, this meant using technology intelligence to focus on their best revenue opportunities.

Although there is no single formula for success, if your goal in 2021 is to get to revenue faster and more efficiently, the advice and guidelines in our top 10 reading list below will definitely provide you with the framework you need to get you there.

Enjoy and Happy New Year from the entire HG Insights team!

  1. What is Technology Intelligence and Why Does it Matter

  2. 4 Reasons an Updated ICP is Crucial for Success

  3. Focus on the Right Accounts During Economic Disruption

  4. 3 Key Steps to Fill the Demand Gen Gap During Economic Disruption

  5. Use Account Scoring to Grow Revenue Faster (ebook)

  6. Discover Your True Ideal Customer Profile (ebook)

  7. Four Steps to Better Account Scoring

  8. From ICP to ABM: Why ABM Success Depends On Your Ideal Customer Profile

  9. Guide to Redefining your Ideal Customer Profile

  10. 3 Approaches to Adopting ABM