As a B2B marketer, you know that marketing campaigns are most effective when they are highly relevant to your audience. In fact, relevant campaigns that are targeted to the right prospects have a 75% higher engagement rate (MailChimp) and can increase the selling price for your product by 35-40% (SiriusDecisions). However, being highly targeted and relevant is only possible when you have the right tech intelligence in your marketing automation platform (MAP). 

Firmographics and demographics can serve as a starting point for targeting, but to truly increase engagement, generate qualified leads, and ultimately drive more revenue, demand gen teams rely on technographic insights. This intelligence allows them to see exactly what software or hardware technologies their accounts or leads have installed so they can segment more precisely. It also helps them inform their messaging so they can create highly relevant online ads, e-mails, landing pages and other targeted content that engages their audience.   

Here are five typical campaigns demand gen teams can set up and run quickly when they use technographic intelligence to segment their lists in their MAP:

  • Competitive Take Out
    Identify accounts using competitor products and target these accounts directly by showing how your solution addresses well-known pain points.
  • Complementary Targeting
    Find accounts using a complementary product to yours and highlight how you can enhance their existing solution with your own product.
  • Upsell
    See which accounts are using old or unsupported products and engage them with campaigns that encourage them to upgrade or consider an alternative solution.
  • Cross-sell
    If you have a family of products, identify customers who could be a great fit for one of your other solutions because they have nothing similar installed. 
  • Opportunistic News Driven  
    A bad review on a competitor product or recent EOL notice is a great opportunity to reach out to companies considering a new solution.

Marketing Campaigns in Action – Case Study

BetterCloud was looking for a way to target and prioritize accounts with larger selling opportunities. To do this, they needed to identify accounts with multiple SaaS products installed. Using technographcis allowed their sales and marketing teams to target and close on accounts with 2-3x higher average selling prices.

How to Start Using Technographics in Your Campaigns Now

The following products make it easy to use technographic insights to segment your marketing campaigns for maximum impact:

  • HG for Marketo – enrich all your Marketo leads with technographics instantly so you can build smarter campaigns that increase engagement, qualified leads, and revenue.
  • HG Audience – hyper-targeted B2B audience segments for digital display and social campaigns.
  • HG for LinkedIn – better target prospective customers, increase response rates, and create more leads with custom audiences for your LinkedIn campaigns.