In our recent “5 Ways to Intelligently Double Your SDR Productivity” webinar, we discussed how to: 

  • Use tech intelligence to score and prioritize leads most likely to buy from you
  • Leverage real intelligence to connect with the right prospects at the right time
  • How to use tech insights to craft relevant messages that make your prospects engage
  • Combine sales engagement with tech intelligence to improve SDR productivity

If you didn’t get a chance to register for the live event you can watch it on-demand now or review some more of the highlights below.

Webinar Highlights

Increase Your Productivity

Become confident in the quality of your SDR outreach by utilizing the unique information that technology intelligence can offer you. Gabe Larsen, VP of Marketing and Sales Development at, explains the power of prioritization and how to sort out your best-fit prospects, contacts, leads, and accounts so you can close at a rate 3x higher than average

Get Personal

According to InsideSales Labs, using personalized statements in conversations is associated with an 86% increase in the odds of setting an appointment. Relevancy and personalization are the keys to faster and more successful sales pipeline. With tech insights, you are able to get a much better understanding of your prospect’s behavior, persona, and company.

Timing Is Everything 

Leveraging technology intelligence to connect with the right prospects at the right time can make all the difference in closing deals. Justin Kitagawa, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Operations, reveals the optimal send time procedures for better open rates, increased downloads, and SDR success. Listen to see how you can use tech intelligence and sales engagement platforms to achieve better results.

These are just some of the topics we covered during this event. To learn more, including how the right intelligence can triple the size of your sales pipeline:

> watch the webinar now on demand now