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Successful account-based marketing (ABM) strategies are based on knowing your customer. In fact, the definition of ABM revolves around marketing to a tightly defined audience of companies that are pre-qualified. ABM replaces or augments a mass market approach so that sales teams spend more time engaging with prospects and can be more effective because they know better what the customer’s needs are.

To launch an ABM program takes extensive customer data. Firmographic data is an important starting point because it can help you target companies with the right size and scope for your solution, whether that be Fortune 100 or smaller. In addition, demographics help you target the right person within that organization based on title or responsibilities.

But for companies selling technology, or products/services that are dependent on technology, technographics are the “super ingredient” for ABM programs, delivering a complete record of the core hardware and software technologies your prospects use in their organizations. This crucial data allows marketing and sales teams to better target the right customers and to present a tightly honed sales benefit message.

With this gold mine of information, ABM campaigns can be even more focused and effective, whether your goal is to increase renewals/ upgrades, displace a competitor, or offer a complementary solution.

This eBook will guide you with all you need to know to improve the effectiveness of your ABM campaigns with technographics.

> Download ABM ebook