James Schoensiegel, Global Marketing Operations Manager at Tegile Systems, a Western Digital brand, was recently awarded with Demand Gen Report’s 2018 B2B Innovator Award for the Account Converters category. He won this award for his company’s ingenious use of technographic data.

Briefly, Tegile needed a way to find companies with three specific technologies installed as they knew these accounts were 64% more likely to turn into closed/won revenue. Technographics allowed Tegile to identify and target these accounts with focused campaigns designed to address well known pain points. As a result, Tegile saw a 49% increase in revenue from accounts selected using technographic data. Tegile also uses this data to conduct target market assessments, create SDR pitches and enhance their alliance strategy by co-selling into accounts with complementary tech stacks.

In a recent interview with ABM in Action, James elaborated on the steps Tegile took to make sure tech install data is integrated into their robust, scalable marketing engine. One of the things he appreciated the most was the seamless integration of technographics into Salesforce via HG’s Lightning Data app. This empowers him and his sales and marketing teams to not only access the data, but also use it to quickly generate their own reports for specific outreach efforts.

In addition, James added, “I can build any report imaginable, because all I need is a report type that links to a lead or an account. Especially as our ABM efforts require sales and marketing reps to manage their accounts with data-driven rigor, HG’s Lightning Data integration has proven to be a really powerful asset.”

About the Award from Demand Gen Report

Demand Gen Report’s award for the Account Converters category goes to practitioners who have gone above and beyond to educate, engage, nurture and convert target accounts with a unique brand story.