“HG Insights gave us the precise targeting we needed to achieve the results we wanted. Nearly 40% of our net-new lead volume now comes from HG segments.”

— Jesus Requena, Director of Growth | Unity

“HG Insights has helped our team identify accounts using products from our competitors and build lists for targeted campaigns…”

– Brianne Kimmel, Growth Marketing Manager | Zendesk

“We recognize that it’s challenging reaching out to a new audience, but based on the targeting we can do using HG Insights technographics, we saw way above average response through email outreach — open rates, click-through rates, and engagement — in just our first month, which led to some quick sales wins for us”

– Zak Pines, Vice President of Marketing | Bedrock Data

“Tech install data from HG Insights helped us identify accounts with the right technology profile for our solutions. As a result, we can now identify the accounts that are 64% more likely to turn into closed/ won revenue”

– James Schoensiegel, Global Marketing Ops Manager | Tegile, a Western Digital Brand

“HG’s platform allows us to be much more effective with our advertising on LinkedIn. As a result of using HG’s segments, we are already seeing a 10x increase in click-through-rate (CTR) on our first touch advertising campaigns.”

– Brent Spencer, Vice President of Demand Generation | Kimble

“I tested HG Insights’ Audience segment against several third-party elements and it drove significantly higher CTRs, literally 627% better. It also drove a 16% increase in CTR vs. retargeting too.”

Associate Media Director, Top 5 Ad Agency, Data Management & Storage Client

“The level of detail we’re able to get from HG Insights’ business intelligence allows us to quickly find prospects matching our ideal customer profile so that we can focus our sales outreach on the accounts that are going to drive the most growth…”

Rob Dumbleton, CEO | 27Partners

“Using HG Insights allows us to engage with prospects and customers strategically so we can have more consultative conversations, get into accounts sooner and establish a larger footprint within our chosen accounts.”

Heidi Fischer, Senior Market Development Manager | Equinix

“HG has the perfect blend of new challenges, inspirational peers, and industry leading innovation. I am consistently pushed to fulfill my potential with support from best in class professionals.”

Spencer | Hardy Finance

“Working with customers at HG means working in partnership with industry leaders in their respective fields, helping them solve for and deploy strategies to directly fuel the success of their businesses.”

Andres Malovos | Customer Success