We are happy to announce Ed Locher as our new Vice President of Marketing. Ed Locher is a global B2B marketing executive with over 20-years experience helping public, private, and PE-backed organizations create value through revenue acceleration and organizational optimization. Combining his experience with technology and process improvement with visionary leadership, he has led the transformation of marketing teams from good to great, establishing marketing as a competitive differentiator. 

Ed is a proud graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder where he earned his MBA in Marketing from the Leeds School of Business and a MS in Telecommunications from the College of Engineering. He is an enthusiastic, if not particularly fast, runner and cyclist, and a certified dog lover and rescuer of large breeds.

At HG Insights, Ed will be responsible for strategy, tactics and programs designed to create interest, demand, revenue and recognition for HG Insights. This includes developing programs to generate leads, planning and executing integrated campaigns, overseeing all aspects of marketing communications and product marketing, developing KPIs and dashboards to track success, and ensuring the team has the right tools and systems in place to achieve their goals.

We recently sat down with Ed to learn a little more about him and why he joined HG Insights

1. How did you get started in marketing?

When I was in graduate school I was focusing on Finance and Marketing together, not really sure which direction I wanted to go after graduation.  This was in 2002, right when the tech bubble burst, and the only job offer I received was for a marketing position at IBM.  Being a pragmatic guy that had become addicted to eating, I decided to go with the one offer I had and began my career in marketing.  Looking back, it was fortuitous on many levels as I’ve learned that I derive a lot of professional and personal satisfaction from creating value for companies by building lasting relationships between them and their customers, and marketing allows me to do that every single day.

2. Why do companies need marketing to be successful?

Companies are only as strong as their relationships with their customers and becoming indispensable requires a comprehensive and dedicated strategy executed at the personal level.  Done correctly, this can create differentiation not only from a product/service perspective, but can also transform the relationship from transactional to one of true partnership where both organizations benefit from the engagement.  Those companies that focus on building these relationships, at that 1:1 level, will have a significant advantage over the competition and create more value for both parties, which is the ultimate goal of any marketing department.

3. What brought you to HG Insights

I have been looking for the opportunity where my skills and experience align well with the needs of a growth organization where together we can accelerate revenue and establish marketing as a true competitive differentiator.  The product and services portfolio, as well as the team at HG, are second to none and exactly fit the criteria I was looking for in my next gig.  Equally important was finding an organization with the same commitment to excellence and empowerment for their team, and I immediately felt at home during the interview process with everyone that I spoke with.  It is clear to me that the company is poised for great things, with great leadership and extended teams, and it made the decision to join very easy indeed.

4. What drives you as a leader?

The most important thing to me as a leader is reaching full potential.  This can be applied to business performance, personal growth, just about anything under the sun.  Of course organizational performance is always going to be important, but I’ve learned that optimizing business performance comes by individuals fulfilling their own personal potential.  Focusing on individual development, support, coaching, and mentoring builds strong, efficient, loyal, engaged, and enthusiastic teams which consistently over deliver.  Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing an individual grow into their potential, gaining confidence and expertise, and doing things they themselves didn’t think were possible.

5. How do you measure success?

If you’re asking me as a marketing leader, I will say things like marketing ROI, conversion rates, pipeline coverage, deal velocity, revenue growth, etc..  Gone are the days where likes, follows, impressions, and other feel good metrics determine marketing’s success.  We commit to creating value for the organization and are transparent and relentless in our pursuit of improvement.

If you’re asking me as a people leader, I will say things like job satisfaction, career development, skills enhancement, greater responsibility, greater autonomy, and other metrics where people are improving their skills, increasing their confidence, and advancing their careers.

The good news this these are two sides of the same coin.  By focusing on one you simultaneously get the other.  Overall, I measure success by the team’s engagement in achieving their personal and the company’s goals.