Solving the Quality and Scale Issue for Customers

As mentioned in part two of our series, organizations have been collecting technographics for decades. However, most of the methods for doing so had limitations when it came to either the quality of the information or the depth and breadth of coverage.

HG Insights set out to solve this issue for our customers by staying focused on two questions:

  1. How do we build the most accurate data set available?
  2. How do we do this at scale worldwide?

Our method relies on processing as much data as we can so that we develop accurate, verifiable business intelligence. This requires a solution capable of not just processing clean, pre-parsed data sets, but also extracting facts from billions of messy, unstructured documents in a wide range of formats. The only way to do this at scale is to use advanced machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) techniques as part of our data curation process. So we’ve invested in a team of really smart engineers and data scientists to develop algorithms and training sets that can auto-generate rules.

This means that every time we learn something new, whether we get something wrong and want to correct it, or we get something right and want to repeat it, we have a very sophisticated environment and platform that allows us to do that. This is how we achieve our goals of delivering accurate technographic insights at scale for our customers.

One of the other things that sets HG Insights apart from other providers is the amount of data we process on a daily basis. We don’t use models to build our dataset because we know that when you start with really high-quality, factual, and empirical data, you’re going to get a better result. We also have a quality team dedicated to purchasing, licensing and vetting documents from a variety of providers, to ensure we build our technographics from the best sources possible.

In brief, we:

  1. parse through billions of documents and more than 22 different document types,
  2. digitize the information in an extensive document archive,
  3. use our unique IP, consisting of NLP, machine learning, algorithms, and analytics, to analyze and provide context for the insights we produce,
  4. and perform human validation of statistically relevant samples and independent phone surveys to ensure we’re providing our customers with quality business intelligence.

When you’re processing documents at this scale, you need to have a system that can quickly tell the difference between words that mean different things and put them into context. For example:

  • Tableau software vs. tableau (French for table)
  • Spark vs. Adobe Spark 

This may seem like a simple example, but there are literally thousands of other examples like this that our system successfully processes using the rules we’ve put in place and that we continue to add and refine as new examples come up. Automating the process as much as possible is how we’re able to consistently aggregate facts at scale and provide meaningful technology intelligence for our customers. We also use this same process in order to obtain our IT spend and contract renewal data so that our customers receive a complete technographic profile for each of their accounts and can use that information to create targeted, and relevant messages that boost sales.

Why Customers Choose Our Technographics

HG Insights stands out from other providers by offering expanded technographic intelligence that allows you to not only see what technologies your accounts have installed, but also how much they are spending on their technologies in specific IT categories and when their contracts are up for renewal. Our IT spend and contract renewal intelligence complement our technology installation data because they provide a deeper understanding of when your prospects are ready to buy.

For example, if you sell Salesforce add-ons, it would be useful to know when companies have recently added Salesforce to their tech stack and how much these companies are spending on add-ons that complement or compete with your own products. Other providers may provide one of these three technographic insights, but we are the only one that delivers all three at scale. Applying these insights all at once can help your company see the true size of your potential opportunities and understand when the best time to reach out to target accounts might be.