We recently teamed up with Salesforce at Dreamforce 2017 to announce our new Lightning Data app, HG for Salesforce. With our new app, you can easily access tech install data from within Salesforce, enabling you to precisely target new prospects or existing accounts with the right message at scale.

About the HG for Salesforce

HG for Salesforce embeds technographics directly into Salesforce so that sales and marketing teams can easily sort, filter and use the data to create campaign segments, score and rank accounts, generate reports, and implement workflows and triggers to build more intelligent business processes. The latest release adds new searchable and sortable pages so users can include technographics in their Account, Contact, and Opportunity page layouts.

To learn more about the features and use cases of our new app, visit our HG for Salesforce product page.

HG Connect Press Release

“B2B technology companies want better intelligence for their outreach, but they want the information to be easy to access and use in the systems and workflows they already have in place,” said Barbara Winters, Vice President of marketing at HG Insights. “Our collaboration with Salesforce makes our premium technographics easily accessible and actionable to sales and marketing teams using Salesforce, so they can use our tech install intelligence to quickly find and target the right opportunities. We’re happy to be among the first providers of Salesforce Lightning Data apps on the AppExchange.”

To learn more about our collaboration with Salesforce, read our press release.