Access premium technographics for powerful, actionable insights directly in your Salesforce CRM.

HG for Salesforce embeds technographics directly into Salesforce so that sales and marketing teams can easily sort, filter and use the data to create campaign segments, score and rank accounts, generate reports, and implement workflows and triggers to build more intelligent business processes.

Get comprehensive technographics that help fuel your entire organization

Our enterprise level technographics provide complete information on an organization’s hardware and software stack so that sales, marketing, and business intelligence teams have the data they need to target the right accounts, close and convert faster, and develop more accurate models, trends, and forecasts.

Superior Data, Targeted Segments, DMP Agnostic

HG Audience is the basis for killer Account Based Marketing. Our installed technology datasets add a layer of segmentation to your digital advertising that puts content relevance and precision targeting at your fingertips.