Thanks to the support and reviews from our customers, we recently landed a few accolades from G2 Crowd. Among the honors:

We are now listed as a leader in G2 Crowd’s latest Best Sales Intelligence Software grid report.

Reviews from Our Customers

We’re happy for the recognition, but even happier to hear what our customers had to say:

“Best technology profiler I have used”
Gives me all the information I need about what my prospects and customers are needing with a description of each solution.

“Great software for finding others’ software”
I can easily at a quick glance understand what my prospects are running! Makes it easy to prep for calls and gives me advanced insight leading into discussions.

“Good Integration”
I prefer HG Insights to find the right prospects with the right technology stack…and for the Salesforce integration it has. 

To see complete reviews, visit HG Insights’ review page on G2 Crowd website

More Recognition

In addition to being ranked as a leader, HG Insights was also listed in the Best Sales Intelligence Software Top 20 for the following report categories:

> Highest rated

> Easiest to use

“We are honored that members of the G2 Crowd community took the time to write reviews for HG for Salesforce and other solutions based on our technographic data,” said Barbara Winters, Vice President of Marketing at HG Insights. “Our data scientists, engineers and product teams are comprised of some really smart and humble individuals who work together to create products that allow marketing and sales teams to achieve some incredible results in their outreach. It’s nice to see their hard work be validated by the G2 Crowd community.”

G2 Crowd Leader Ranking Criteria

To be positioned in the leader’s quadrant, solutions must be highly rated by G2 Crowd users and have substantial market presence scores.

Why You Can Trust G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd empowers business buying decisions by highlighting the voice of the customer. Their review platform leverages more than 300,000 independent and authenticated user reviews read by over 1 million buyers each month.

About Our HG for Salesforce Solution

HG for Salesforce embeds technographics directly into Salesforce so that sales and marketing teams can easily sort, filter and use the data to create campaign segments, score and rank accounts, generate reports, and implement workflows and triggers to build more intelligent business processes.

See why G2 Crowd users have ranked HG Insights as a leader by visiting our HG for Salesforce page. From there, you can also find out about a Chrome extension we provide that lets you sample our data before you buy it for free.

Learn more about HG for Salesforce

If you don’t have Salesforce, visit our HG Universe page.