We’re pleased to announce the release of HG for LinkedIn, our new integration with LinkedIn, which helps digital marketers to better target prospective customers and increase response rates with more relevant advertising on the LinkedIn platform.

Through this integration with LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences API, advertisers can now leverage HG Insights’ technology profile data to focus campaigns on companies that are using competitive or complementary technologies.  These campaigns help businesses to better align digital advertising with competitive takeout programs, account-based marketing strategies and targeted brand awareness initiatives.

HG for LinkedIn Use Cases

HG for LinkedIn lets digital advertisers get their message in front of the right decision makers for a more targeted and rewarding ad spend. And the precision targeting enabled by HG for LinkedIn is suitable for a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Competitive Takeout: companies can target their ads to their competitor’s customers directly, showing how their solution can better solves their existing challenges.
  • Interoperability: marketers can display ads to companies using products that are interoperable with their product, highlighting how they can easily integrate and enhance their existing solution.
  • Initiatives and Priorities: hone in on organizations with specific initiatives and priorities by analyzing the technologies they currently use.
  • Hyper-Targeted Audiences: Build campaign segments based on technographic profiles that can identify the relevant technology products currently in use.

Watch Our Video to See HG for LinkedIn Features in Action

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