Even with a clearly defined ideal customer profile, it can be hard to decide which leads your sales and marketing teams should be giving the most attention to. Reaching out to leads with relevant messages already takes a lot of time when executing on campaigns, so the last thing you want to be spending more time on is figuring out which leads to select for your campaign. Fortunately, with the right tech intelligence embedded in your CRM or MAP, you can make sure the right leads are prioritized automatically.

Technology intelligence enables you to get in-depth insights on your leads that go beyond typical and more general lead scoring criteria such as behavioral, demographic and firmographic data. With technology intelligence you can dig deep and prioritize leads based on their technology footprint. For example, you can segment your leads based on whether they are using a competing or complementary technology product to yours, whether they are a late or early adopter of SaaS applications, and whether they are using legacy or obsolete products.

Having this unique knowledge allows you to understand your audience and reach out to them with a message that they are more likely to respond to because it directly addresses their specific pain points. With the right leads prioritized, it also makes it easier to deliver more MQLs, create better sales and marketing alignment, and convert leads to sales.

Popular Lead Scoring & Prioritization Use Cases

By using technology intelligence to automatically score and prioritize your leads based on your ideal customer profile, you can ensure your sales and marketing teams stay focused on pursuing the leads that generate the most revenue. Here are a few of the most successful lead scoring and prioritization use cases our customers have implemented using technology intelligence:

  • Competitive Displacement: boost scoring for leads using competitor software or hardware products and target them with a message that shows your product solves their problems 
  • Complementary Campaigns: score and prioritize leads that use a technology product you enhance, and reach out to them with your value proposition
  • Upsell/Cross-sell: know the entire technology environment of your leads and prioritize those that are using legacy products to your sales and marketing teams for automated outreach

Lead Scoring & Prioritization in Action – Case Study

Alfresco was looking for a way to prioritize their accounts in a more efficient way so that their sales and marketing efforts were more aligned and so they could achieve better results. After using technology intelligence from HG Insights to score their leads, Alfresco increased engagement rates by 75% for their online ad program, while reducing their cost per lead by 50%.

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How to Help Your Scoring & Prioritization with Technology Intelligence Now

Our products streamline and automate the marketing process while increasing engagement and conversion rates: 

  • HG for Marketo – use technographics to identify the leads with the highest propensity to buy directly in Marketo 
  • HG for Salesforce – ensure you are focused on the right leads with technographic enrichment in Salesforce.com CRM