If you’re a growing B2B technology company, you’ve probably invested a significant amount of time and money in researching, developing and testing your product. You’re well versed in what it can do and can articulate how it solves common pain points eloquently. You’re also quite familiar with which competitors your solution competes well against and have messaging that precisely highlights your differentiation. But how do you get in front of the accounts that are using your competitor’s products so that you can win them over with your unique solution?

When you have tech insights for existing and new accounts, the answer to this question becomes quite easy. Technographics give you the insights you need to know exactly what technologies are installed at your accounts so you can quickly identify prospects using competitive solutions and actively coordinate competitor displacement campaigns throughout the year. 

Not only can you get this technology installation information for your existing accounts, you can also use the intelligence to find new accounts that are also using your competitor’s products. In fact, sales and marketing teams who begin using tech intelligence, often find that their total addressable market for a given competitor is usually 3-5x larger than they estimated, providing them with an even larger revenue opportunity to pursue. 

Competitive Takeaway Opportunities

When you have technographic insights in your CRM or MAP and that information is easily accessible and actionable, you can jump on opportunities quickly, such as:

  • Direct Displacement: when your competitors have well-known pain points, you can reach out to their accounts with sales and marketing outreach that directly address their issues and illustrate how your product solves them.
  • Negative Reviews: bad news on a competitor solution gives you a chance to highlight how your technology can help.
  • End of Life: announcements regarding certain software or hardware being discontinued or no longer be supported allow you to enter the conversation as a potential replacement solution.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: provide an opportunity to engage with a customer when they may be re-evaluating existing technology purchases and looking for alternatives.

Competitive Displacement in Action – Case Study

Zendesk felt they had a great opportunity to win back market share by targeting companies using competitor solutions. But to do this, they would first need a way to quickly find and target these companies. Learn how Zendesk used technographics from HG Insights to launch competitive displacement campaigns and win back market share. 

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Easiest Way to Enrich Your MAP or CRM with Technographics

There are many opportunities that occur throughout the year that can help you dislodge your competitors but you’ll only be able to jump on them quickly if your accounts and leads are enriched with technographics. Here two products that can help you enrich your accounts quickly so you’re ready to go:

  • HG for Salesforce – ensure you’re focused on the right leads and accounts with technographic enrichment in Salesforce.com CRM.
  • HG for Marketo – use technographics to score your leads directly in Marketo.