Three Minutes to Shine

I tend to get pretty excited about sales and marketing technology. Maybe it’s not the best conversation topic for a summer barbecue but I can talk about it for hours. I am always eager to get into the technical details including the nuances of data flows. Needless to say, when our marketing team approached me to participate in Salesforce’s “Apps and More” Demo Jam I was ecstatic. I had participated in one private Demo Jam to Salesforce sales engineers in the past, but this was the first time we’d get to compete in the broader Demo Jam event, which is open to the public.

This meant I would finally be able to show off our latest offering to a like-minded audience. I couldn’t wait to dive into how marketers can use HG for Salesforce to create hyper-targeted campaigns with messaging specific to their account or prospect’s tech stack. Or, how having that information directly in CRM can make business development and ABM teams more effective. And then I remembered: three minutes.

Salesforce Demo Jams are product demo competitions where four to six vendors get to demonstrate their product live for three minutes. Demo Jams are also unique in that slides are not allowed. Everything you show must be done live with your product. And if you go past your allotted time, a horn goes off, indicating your demo has come to an unceremonious end.

Focus on Your Audience to Have a Chance of Winning

When it came time to start preparing, it was a real challenge to decide what to leave in and what to cut. The Demo Jam audience includes marketing, sales and operations teams. So, ideally, any demo should have benefits that appeal to all three of these groups. Knowing that, I used our HG for Salesforce app to highlight solutions for each audience as follows:

    • Marketing Teams: Marketers are always looking for solutions that can help them target more precisely. In my demo I showed how simple it is to generate a list of accounts using a particular hardware or technology product – what we call technographics. This is a tactic many of our customers use to deliver campaigns that directly address the pain points of a competing technology or the opportunities of complementary technology solutions. Applying these two fundamental targeting approaches to a campaign leads to much better engagement and conversion rates. I also highlighted how our app embeds technographic data directly in Salesforce making it easy for customers to analyze the technology profiles of their accounts using Salesforce’s rich reporting functions.
    • Sales Teams: Account reps hate wasting time on prospecting so I showed them how easy our app makes it to see what technology products a prospect is using before they pick up the phone or send an email. I also demonstrated how the same technographic data can be used to automatically score accounts and do useful things like route prospects using a specific technology to the sales rep with the highest win rate against that technology.
  • Operations Teams: People in sales operations care about ease of installation and maintenance so it was great to highlight how it usually takes our customers less than twenty minutes to set up and start using our HG for Salesforce app. That is a huge deal for operations teams because it means they no longer have to spend days developing, testing, and supporting custom data integrations in Salesforce. Building our app in Salesforce’s new Lighting Data platform eliminates those messy data integrations for good.

Winning Inspires Team

The day of the actual Demo Jam featured some stiff competition, including solutions from Bombora, Coveo, Kimble and Workato. It was difficult to stay focused on our demo because I kept wanting to learn more about the other products being presented! Once the last presenter finished, we all waited for the audience to vote — a process that seemed to take forever. In reality, it only took a few minutes. 

When the moderator announced that HG Insights had won our entire office erupted in spontaneous celebration. It had already been a huge honor to showcase all of the hard work that we had put into our product, but to hear how much winning the competition meant to the entire team was truly inspiring — a goosebump moment for sure.

At the end of the day, I think we won not only because of the product that we built but also because of what our customers are able to do with it. Seeing all of the creative and innovative campaigns and processes our customers are creating (and the results they are achieving) is truly one of the best parts about my job. And I can’t wait for us to further showcase the upcoming enhancements and further evolution of HG for Salesforce in the months ahead.

If you want to learn more – I’d be happy to setup a demo.

I promise it won’t take more than 3 minutes…

Watch the Demo Jam Below to See the Demo for Yourself

Our segment begins at the 13:25 mark.