In our latest Insider Interview series, David Dulany, Founder & CEO of Tenbound, shared some key insights on SDR trends, sales intelligence tools, and the latest news on why sales development reps and leaders should attend the Tenbound Sales Development Conference this year.

Why should Sales Development Reps (SDRs) and SDR Managers put the Sales Development Conference on their calendar?

Sales Development is arguably one of the most difficult and one of the most important positions on the go-to-market side of the house. In many organizations, it is still seen as something very entry-level, non-strategic and ad-hoc. However, this is changing as the new generation of go-to-market leaders understand the critical importance of Sales Development and how important it is to constantly fill the pipeline of the sales team with qualified appointments in order to keep the revenue engine humming.

True professionals of this craft, whether they are Sales Dev leaders, Marketers, Sales Leaders, Operations folks, or Executives, see the value in looking at Sales Development from a strategic perspective. The Sales Development Conference offers this type of forward-thinking professional one full day of cutting-edge content, unparalleled networking and access to the top tools available today in the marketplace to support their Sales Development efforts. This is the center of the universe for Sales Development and every year the conference continues to expand!

This is your third year doing this event, how has it grown and what have you learned?

Well, from day one the name of the conference has been “The Sales Development Conference,” however in the marketplace it has come to be called the “Tenbound Conference” or the “SDR Conference,” which are truly misnomers. We want to make it very clear that this conference is about the Sales Development industry and how Sales Development Leaders can drive innovation within their go-to-market strategy, gain respect, and elevate the profession from entry-level to board-level.

With this conference, we strive to make the whole Sales Development experience better for Sales Dev Leaders, Reps, and the Prospects they call on. It’s not about Tenbound, and it’s not about SDRs per se, it’s about looking at the process from a holistic perspective and improving it, while elevating it. And about supporting a new generation of leaders at they strive for excellence.

For example, this year our conference theme is “Alignment,” and we are inviting the entire go-to-market team: Marketers, Sales Development Leaders, Sales Leaders, and Revenue Operations to dive into how we can drive better alignment and better processes throughout the go-to-market strategy. We want to explore how Sales Development can truly lead that transformation. We want people to be proud of being in Sales Development!

What are some of the trends you are seeing for SDRs?

What we’re seeing in the marketplace is a turning away from the old “churn-n-burn” mentality when it comes to SDRs. Instead of the old “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” type of mentality with Sales Development, which leads to a bad experience for SDR’s, for their companies, and for their prospects, we’re seeing a much more careful and curated strategy. This includes hiring more experienced SDRs, paying them more, and spending more time aligning their work with other departments.

We’re also seeing a big backlash against giving unbridled automation to untrained SDRs. Prospects are being inundated with spam and junk messaging and, in turn, becoming immune to automated outreach. We are seeing a trend of hiring more sophisticated, experienced, well-compensated SDRs, a heavy emphasis on training, more research and personalization, and an elevation in the respect level of the profession in general.

What type of third-party intelligence are you seeing SDRs use in their outreach?

In today’s crowded messaging landscape, you have seconds to gain the attention of busy prospects. Canned spam email messages will be immediately deleted, or probably never even reach the target because of spam filters. If you can get someone on the phone and engage them, you’ve got to have something interesting to say that gets them to stop in their tracks and listen to you. It all comes down to having enough information to create a compelling message and to be able to do it quickly so that you don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis and, instead, create enough activity to be successful.

Some of the tools we’ve been seeing that have really helped this approach include HG for Salesforce, which gives quick information on technographics and firmographics to help make more personalized messaging faster. we also love using Everstring, Owler, and Linkedin Sales Navigator to gain that quick information needed to prepare for writing compelling messages or making better cold calls.

What are some of the things you’re looking forward to the most at the Sales Development Conference?

This year we have added a Revenue Operations track to the existing Leadership and Rep training tracks from last year. We believe Revenue Operations is the critical backbone in making sure that you can execute on your go-to-market strategy and must be at the forefront going into 2020. Instead of living in protected silos, we are excited to talk about how to align Revenue Operations with Marketing, Sales, and Sales Development in order to drive efficiency through the revenue generation process.

We are also excited that we outgrew the Ritz-Carlton and are now at the Hyatt Embarcadero, which offers much more space for the Expo, with over 20 Sales Development tools and services on display, including many members of the Tenbound Market Map and our exclusive Platinum Sponsors: LinkedIn Sales Navigator and SV Academy.

Where can we learn more about your event?  

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