For 30 years, Intelliverse® has worked with companies of all sizes and industries to increase and accelerate sales, while also improving the predictability of their sales process. From this experience, the company has developed its Sales Acceleration enterprise software, helping it become a global leader in sales process automation. Intelliverse’s award-winning Sales Acceleration software is focused on sales funnel activities, including qualifying leads, setting appointments and closing sales. In April 2017 Intelliverse began a new service that integrates their Sales Acceleration application with HG Focus, a free tool from HG Insights that lets a user get detailed information on the enterprise technologies installed at a prospect company (technographics). We talked with Jason Hassler, the company’s Vice President of Sales to find out more about its software and how its customers will benefit from its partnership with HG Insights. Read on for the rest of the conversation:

MarTech is an industry that is crowded with startups promising new innovations, but Intelliverse has been successful in this same market for 30 years. How have you continued to evolve and stand out in the industry for so many years?

The key has been leveraging our core telecommunications technology and constantly adding innovation on top of it to serve our customers. Even with all the advances in technology in recent years, two things haven’t changed: conversations are still essential for all direct selling efforts and, without the aid of technology, 80% of a salesperson’s calls go unanswered. The main reasons our Sales Acceleration solution has done so well over the years is because sales managers must intimately know the activities that are hindering sales or proving successful. We provide the platform to do this easily and give managers transparency and predictability in this process.

Before we talk about your partnership with HG Insights, can you set the stage with a bit more background on the Sales Accelerator software and how it helps companies increase sales?

Sure. Our Sales Acceleration application is a platform that helps sales people qualify leads and close sales, and assists sales managers in properly managing the process and their team’s activities. With in-depth analytics on outbound sales activities, sales managers have the ability to monitor conversations. This gives them the ability to coach different members of their team – whether it’s fine-tuning an “A” player’s pitch or providing more in depth teaching to a “C” player who is having problems gaining sales traction. Customers love the software because it helps them generate more customer conversations which lead to increased pipeline and revenue outcomes. The numbers are really impressive.

We started out many years ago providing call center services to sales teams, and we bring this telecommunications technology and experience into our application. Thus, the software has a full suite of outbound calling features such as click-to-dial and local presence. We also have great built-in reporting capabilities, including automated call logging and a follow-up call scheduler. Sales people may choose from several pre-recorded voicemail messages, which means they are onto the next call as fast as possible. Whether an organization is making hundreds of calls a week or just a handful per day, eliminating mundane tasks will bring a CRM to life with reporting that can be trusted. It also frees up the sales force to focus on revenue generating activities.

From a sales management perspective, Sales Accelerator provides reporting, analytics and call monitoring options that add transparency and accountability to the sales process, which are just as important in the long run as improving sales efficiency.

What impact to do you expect when you integrate HG Focus with Sales Accelerator?

Quite frequently, our customers need more leads to make their prospecting programs successful. For our technology customers, we believe HG Focus offers a highly effective and impactful data source that helps to both qualify their existing leads, and add new, qualified accounts to their program. This data is a great fit for our product because it provides very granular information on the products and technologies prospects are using in their business, resulting in better prospect selection and faster close rates.

Our partnership with HG Insights integrates HG Focus’ Quicklook feature into our platform. If our customers like what they see, we will then show them where and how to install HG Focus to benefit from the targeted technology installation data they need to have more relevant conversations with their prospects and be more effective in the sales process. We’ll also introduce customers, who are interested in different technology datasets for marketing and predictive analytics use cases, to HG Insights so that your team can work directly with them to satisfy their requirements.

We’re glad to be a part of your efforts to help companies accelerate sales. Is there anything else new coming up?

The other big news from Intelliverse is that we’ve recently launched our new CRM. Many customers are having difficulty finding a CRM that is sales focused. We partner with and Microsoft Dynamics and they are great tools for large enterprise and sophisticated users. However, in our business development consulting work, we often see that mid-sized firms are typically left with two choices when it comes to selecting a CRM: either select a package that requires significant training, or choose a free tool that provides scarce training and limited features. Our CRM will be welcome by this set of customers as it offers comprehensive features for tracking outbound/inbound calling, email, web and other lead generation sources. It also includes a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for sales reps to keep up with their lead logging, as well as a high degree of automation to help increase overall sales productivity.