The top 3 complaints consumers had about digital advertisements in 2019 were that there were “too many ads”, “annoying or irrelevant ads”, and “intrusive ads” (VPN Mentor). Many times, these complaints are the motivations behind ad-blocking, which for a digital advertiser, is your worst nightmare. Digital advertising campaigns are only effective if you’re able to create customer engagement with relevant ad placement and messaging. According to the American Marketing Association, targeted advertising can increase click through rates by 670%. As a B2B marketer, the best way to achieve these results is by using tech intelligence.

Although firmographics can help you narrow down your audience, to truly grow your customer and prospect engagement, generate brand awareness, and increase campaign effectiveness you need technology insights. Tech intelligence shows you what technology products your prospects have installed, allowing you to hyper-target your digital display advertising to the exact audience you are trying to reach. This means you can launch much more effective and relevant campaigns, while also maximizing your ad spend on the right targets.

When you’re able to easily use tech intelligence to segment your online advertising, you can quickly run a number of different ad programs, including:

  • Competitive: target your ads to your competitor’s customers directly, showing them how you address well-known pain points.
  • Complementary: display ads to users of products that are interoperable with yours, highlighting how you enhance their existing solution.
  • Upsell/ Cross-sell: send relevant upsell/cross-sell ads to users of a specific hardware or software technology product.

Digital Advertising in Action – Case Studies

Unity was looking for a way to leverage online advertising for its ABM program in order to generate demand, nurture prospects, and drive revenue growth across its gaming and non-gaming verticals. By using HG Audience segments from HG Insights, Unity is now seeing a substantial boost in performance in its paid digital advertising program.

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Kimble uses LinkedIn to advertise their content, special events, and webinars but knew they needed an easier way to specifically target companies that match their ideal customer profile. Learn how Kimble used HG for LinkedIn to achieve a 10x increase in CTR on first-touch, sponsored video advertisements on LinkedIn.

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Augment Your Digital Advertising Campaigns with Tech Intelligence Now

These products make using tech intelligence easy while helping you develop meaningful segmentations:

  • HG Audience – create hyper-targeted B2B audience segments for digital display campaigns on Facebook, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Twitter, Salesforce DMP, and dozens of other leading marketing platforms.
  • HG for LinkedIn – better target prospective customers, increase response rates, and create more leads with custom audience segments for your LinkedIn campaigns.