From strategic planning to campaign execution, the right market intelligence gives business leaders the insights they need to understand their markets in depth, make better business decisions, and go-to-market with confidence. On the Modern Marketing Podcast, HG Insights’ CEO Elizabeth Cholawsky discussed why using traditional market reports to guide business strategy is no longer enough, and explained how accurate, granular information on technology markets can make all the difference when it comes to market entry, resource allocation and campaign execution decisions.

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Podcast Highlights

Success Begins with Strategic Planning

  • Know where your best opportunities are so you can make the right market entry decisions.
  • Allocate budget and resources more efficiently.
  • Align revenue teams on the right accounts.

Why Traditional Market Reports Are Not Enough

  • Market reports can provide a good starting point, but to go-to-market with confidence, leaders need more in-depth, actionable information.
  • See how in-depth technology intelligence de-risks market entry and resource allocation decisions.
  • When you have granular tech intelligence, your revenue and product teams have the actionable intelligence they need to target the best accounts and prioritize the right product initiatives.

How Technology Intelligence Instills Confidence in Planning

  • Learn why knowing your TAM/SAM is not enough.
  • See how understanding your Serviceable Obtainable Market can keep your entire organization focused on your best market opportunities and your revenue teams focused on the accounts most likely to buy from you.

Pivot Quickly When You Need to in Challenging Times

  • During Covid-19, having granular tech intelligence allowed our customers to see which accounts made the best sense to target. For example, companies selling cloud products could quickly find which accounts had the budget and need for their solution.
  • Learn how being able to prioritize accounts quickly allowed Citrix to thrive in a pandemic by generating an $80M pipeline and reducing their sales cycle by 30%.

Learn More About Market Intelligence from HG Insights

See how our Market Intelligence platform can help you take the guesswork out of strategic planning and campaign execution.