We are happy to announce Rana Kanaan as our new Executive VP of Products. Rana is a product veteran of over 20 years having led successful products at companies including Citrix, Kanjoya (acquired by Ultimate Software), and Workspot. At Citrix, she led innovations and product teams for the flagship XenDesktop and XenApp products, as well as the SD-WAN products that resulted in $16M and $24M orders, the biggest ever for Citrix.  She has also built products for numerous startups going through initial 50-200% growth and market traction in enterprise and SMB markets.

At HG Insights, Rana will be responsible for the entire product lifecycle, including product strategy, design, definition, roadmap, planning and launches. She will also work closely with the whole company and our clients to ensure the successful integration of market leading intelligence into our platforms for sales and marketing teams, and into the hands of our customers.

We recently sat down with Rana to learn a little more about her and why she joined HG Insights

1. How did you get started in product?

As someone from a technical engineering background and a deep empathy for user problems, I was naturally thrust into product management. I kept searching for the reason why we build anything and as I asked more “why’s” I found my career in product.

2. What’s been the most rewarding part of the product journey?

Seeing the lights go on in customers eyes when they interact with all that we have built for them, often at the end of an intense journey.  

3. What brought you to HG Insights?

When building or creating anything, rarely do two things come together – the moment and the resources. The moment is all the factors outside of us – when the world is changing, users have an amplified need or pain and the innovation hasn’t arrived to meet those needs. The resources are a heady combination of culture, talent and technology led by authentic leaders. 

The intersection of need/opportunity to fulfill a void in sales and marketing intelligence, helping businesses truly connect through knowledge and data, coupled with the unique data, technology and excellent team is why I joined HG Insights. It was also an opportunity to build with all stakeholders in mind – teammates, clients, partners, investors and the local communities we are in.

4. What drives you?

Often, espresso. But just one or two a day. The rest of the day I’m driven by learnings and purpose.

5. How do you measure success?

As an executive and leader, I measure it by the numbers as well as by the morale of all involved. As a teammate and person on the ride, I measure it by sustainability and mutual satisfaction with how we achieved what we achieved.