Account-based marketing (ABM) is a contemporary marketing approach that has revolutionized the marketing industry and changed how outbound works.

ABM works hand in hand with account-based advertising (ABA) and account-based sales (ABS) to create the most effective account-based results. Aligning these account-based approaches with a complementary inbound methodology produces the most engagement with prospects by targeting accounts on all levels.

Why You Should Switch to an Account-based Focus

ABA utilizes technology to target relevant prospects at your chosen accounts, focusing on their needs and on why your solution is the right fit for their company. ABS is a customer-based approach to sales with a sales team that is focused on aligning their strategies with ABM and ABA. Switching to an account-based focus within your company makes it easier for your sales department to consult leads because they are able to engage in outreach that results in higher-level interactions.

Support ABM with Inbound to Be Relevant

Inbound methodology is fundamental to an account-based strategy because it enables you to use the right content at the correct time, which attracts and engages future customers with your brand. In other words, supporting your ABM efforts with inbound marketing allows your company to better target prospects with the most relevant material. Without the inbound strategy assisting the account-based marketing method, potential customers are instead bothered by your unrelated sales and marketing content.

ABM Helps You Focus on the Right Accounts

ABM narrows down and filters your leads, giving you the opportunity to only target qualified accounts that best fit the characteristics that match your product. In addition, by also focusing on buyer personas and customer profiles, account-based marketing allows you to create content for the right channel, which increases the relevancy of your marketing and sales efforts. Comprehensive research is necessary to define the account and individual profile variables that matter for your organization, but without it you will never know if you are targeting the right accounts and personas.

Account-based marketing can seem overwhelming at first, however, embracing this methodology within your marketing department will take your marketing process to the next level because you can finally stop focusing on accounts that don’t need the product or service you are selling, and only target those that do. ABM awards a more conscious approach to marketing so that your content makes a more positive impact on the accounts that matter most to you.

How HG Insights Can Help Fuel Your ABM Success

HG Insights offers a proven way to fuel your ABM success with technographic scoring. With account intelligence from HG Insights, you can prioritize the accounts that have the most incentive to buy and fit your ICP so that you can generate more revenue faster. To see how you can increase your opportunities by finding the right accounts:

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