As you may have seen in our last two blog posts, we’re spending the first few weeks of 2018 talking about resolutions related to account-based marketing (ABM) success. Now that you know the impact ABM can have on your sales and marketing efforts, it’s time to start gathering the right ingredients for a powerful ABM program.

A successful ABM program begins with the right data – including demographics, firmographics, intent data and technographics. Here’s a refresher on each data type:

DemographicsDemographics involve data related to people and can include information such as a contact name, work title, work history and social connections.

FirmographicsFirmographics involve data related to companies and can include information such as company size, employee count, revenue, market vertical, location, and more.

Intent DataIntent data involves data related to a potential customer’s behavior, collected either internally through marketing automation efforts or externally, through research done on a search engine or a particular website.

TechnographicsTechnographics involve data related to technology and can include information such as an organization’s core hardware and software stack, whether the technology is on-premise or in the cloud, approximately when the company deployed or stopped using the technology and more. Technographics from HG Insights enable you to get a complete picture of the technology footprint for your key accounts or prospects.

All of these data pieces work together to provide the most complete picture of your target accounts so that you can approach potential customers with a highly-targeted marketing and sales strategy. When competing against other companies, being able to hook your potential customer with a phrase or insight that shows you know something about them will give you the best chance at standing out and making a good first impression.

While these data points are crucial to a successful ABM program, they can also make or break your ABM efforts if the data isn’t accurate. Stay tuned for our next post that will explain how dirty or incomplete data can impact your ABM efforts.

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