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HG Market Intelligence Data Sheet

Back to Resources Archive Market Intelligence from HG Insights delivers the actionable insights business leaders need to understand their markets in depth, make better business decisions and go-to-market (GTM) with confidence. HG Market Intelligence Data Sheet

How Propensity Modeling can Accelerate Revenue Growth

How Propensity Modeling can Accelerate Revenue Growth

Back to Our Videos & Webinars In our Master Class, we partnered with TCV, a growth equity firm that provides management teams of growth stage companies with data-driven insights and sector expertise, to deliver a best practices session on propensity modeling for business. In the session, our EVP of Strategy, Tim Royston-Webb, and Jessiah Straw,

Uncover Your Ideal Customer Profile

Discover Your True Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Back to eBooks & Briefs Library An updated ICP is critical for any organization that wants to grow its revenue. In fact, high growth companies claim that developing an accurate ICP resulted in a 68% higher average account win rate. In our latest ebook, you’ll learn how to develop a strong ICP so that you

Virtual Selling in the New Normal

Virtual Selling in the New Normal

In this short 25-minute webinar with Justin Kitagawa, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Operations for HG Insights, we discussed how to use Technology Intelligence to help revenue teams quickly prioritize which of their prospects have the best fit and highest revenue potential. Specifically, we covered how to effectively: Target Companies Using Key Technologies Reach

3 Key Steps to Fill Pipeline Gaps During Economic Disruption

While today’s tough economic conditions make it challenging to generate new business, there are still time-proven strategies you can use today to fill the gaps in your pipeline. By shifting your resources to digital, reprioritizing your outreach, and sharpening your messaging, you can quadruple the rate at which you turn leads into opportunities. And in