Intacct provides award-winning, cloud based ERP software. Its solutions are used by companies of all sizes to improve performance and make finance teams more productive. Intacct began working with HG Insights Technographics because it needed a way to prioritize a list of more than 70,000 for its sales team.

With the visibility provided by HG Insights, the Intacct sales team quickly identified ideal prospects (companies using legacy on-premise ERP systems), leading to some quick sales wins for its team. Comprehensive technographics also allowed them to find prospects who were already using SaaS products, enabling the sales team to prioritize these accounts ahead of others since they were more likely to be receptive to their message and eventually become customers.

In addition, having complete tech stack information readily available gives reps the insights they need to craft the right message for the e-mails they send out and phone calls they make to their prospects. The result is a sales process that is much more targeted and keeps the sales team focused on the right accounts.

According to Intacct’s Senior Director of Sales Development, Wanda Pansky:

“We had been disappointed by the quality and timeliness of other data sources, so when I was first presented with HG Insights, I was extremely skeptical. We started with a small dataset so that we could validate its accuracy. The data drove some quick sales wins for us and soon my entire SDR team was asking for more. The information was so useful and accessible, it became a no-brainer to purchase more.”

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