make digital advertising easy & effective with technographics

Make Digital Advertising Easy & Effective With Tech Insights

The top 3 complaints consumers had about digital advertisements in 2019 were that there were “too many ads”, “annoying or irrelevant ads”, and “intrusive ads” (VPN Mentor). Many times, these complaints are the motivations behind ad-blocking, which for a digital advertiser, is your worst nightmare. Digital advertising campaigns are only effective if you’re able to

HG Insights Enters Agreement with LinkedIn™ To Help Marketers Target Audiences with Technographics

HG Insights Enters Agreement With LinkedIn to Help Marketers Target Audiences With Technographics

We’re pleased to announce the release of HG for LinkedIn, our new integration with LinkedIn, which helps digital marketers to better target prospective customers and increase response rates with more relevant advertising on the LinkedIn platform. Through this integration with LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences API, advertisers can now leverage HG Insights’ technology profile data to focus

Target Your B2B Display Ads More Effectively with HG Audience

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new HG Audience segments designed to improve targeting for B2B digital advertising. HD Audience Overview HG Audience segments allow B2B marketers to hyper-target prospective customers or entire market categories with online advertising based on the installed technologies (technographics) and other business needs and conditions tracked by HG