Guide to Redefining your Ideal Customer Profile

Guide to Redefining your Ideal Customer Profile

An updated and data-driven Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is crucial to the success of your organization. In our previous article, we broke down 4 specific reasons why a well-defined ICP aligns organizations on the companies and markets with the greatest opportunity. In fact, organizations with well-defined ICPs average 68% higher account win rates than those without. What follows in this article is a guide to redefining your Ideal Customer Profile.

Become A Prospecting Pro With These 3 Tips

The word “prospecting” can spark mixed feelings among salespeople. Let’s just say it typically isn’t one of the things that our sales team looks forward to, and I’m sure that many other SDR’s and AE’s are nodding their heads in agreement right now.  Unfortunately, there’s no arguing that prospecting is one of the most important

Tim Royston-Webb

PODCAST: How to Use Tech Intelligence to Create An Effective ICP and Drive Impact for Your Business

Our Executive VP of Strategy, Tim Royston-Webb, recently joined David Dulany on his Sales Development Podcast to highlight how companies can use tech intelligence to create more effective sales and marketing processes. During the conversation, he also delves deeply into a variety of topics, including how to: find the most lucrative white space opportunities for

Industry Insider: Leveraging Social Selling and Tech Intelligence to Build Your Sales Pipeline

We had an enlightening conversation with Vengreso CVO, Viveka von Rosen, to talk about the role of social selling and tech intelligence to your sales prospecting strategy, how to include and implement it to your current strategy, and how to measure social selling success. Read our interview below to learn what she had to say.