make digital advertising easy & effective with technographics

Make Digital Advertising Easy & Effective With Tech Insights

The top 3 complaints consumers had about digital advertisements in 2019 were that there were “too many ads”, “annoying or irrelevant ads”, and “intrusive ads” (VPN Mentor). Many times, these complaints are the motivations behind ad-blocking, which for a digital advertiser, is your worst nightmare. Digital advertising campaigns are only effective if you’re able to

Making Technographics Easily Accessible and Actionable

Large amounts of technographic data can be difficult to implement into your business because it can be time-consuming and often involves getting help from your operations team. HG Insights solves this issue by making our technographic insights easily available and actionable from your own systems of record. This allows you to access and use our

Why the Approach for Curating Technographic Insights Matters

Approaches for Obtaining Technographic Data When choosing a vendor, it is important to consider the methods your provider uses to curate their technographic data so you can ensure that you are getting comprehensive and accurate technology intelligence. Phone SurveysSome methods, such as phone surveys, have proven so successful that companies have used them for decades.

Why You Need Technographics to Accelerate Revenue Growth

If you’re a B2B technology company, knowing what kind of technologies your accounts are using, how much they are spending on these products, and when those products are up for renewal, represents invaluable information for your sales and marketing teams. This complete technographic data provides you with a better understanding of the total technology footprint

Why The Right Technographic Intelligence is Guaranteed to Revolutionize Your Business

A company’s technology stack can provide you with the critical intelligence you need to customize your sales and marketing outreach. From it, you can get clear insights into what software or hardware technology products your accounts have installed, how much they spend on those products, and when the technology is up for renewal. This information

WEBINAR RECAP: How to Use Account Intelligence to Land Larger Deals Faster

In our recent “How to Use Account Intelligence to Land Larger Deals Faster” webinar, we discussed how to: Create demand gen campaigns based on technographics and firmographics Use account intelligence to align your sales and marketing teams Leverage technology install data to generate sales faster and land larger deal sizes  If you didn’t get a chance to