We’re excited to announce the launch of our new HG Audience segments designed to improve targeting for B2B digital advertising.

HD Audience Overview

HG Audience segments allow B2B marketers to hyper-target prospective customers or entire market categories with online advertising based on the installed technologies (technographics) and other business needs and conditions tracked by HG Insights. In addition to using HG Audience segments, based on our industry-leading tech install data, users can also build segments based on standard firmographics or the functional area of the decision makers they want to target.

Use Cases

Our customers use HG Audience segments to:

  • Attack and displace competitive technologies and services
  • Target interoperable or complementary solutions with their products
  • Engage potential buyers before they start the buyer’s journey
  • Deliver specific, relevant messages and offers to a carefully cultivated audience of decision makers, influencers, and users

Customer Quote

“While HG Insights’ installed business technology data is well known, we’re impressed by the extension of their platform into other critical areas of B2B,” said Greg McCastle, President of Media at Dstillery, an industry-leader in digital intelligence. “Through working with HG Audience, we have been able to present some of our clients in healthcare and other areas with detailed audience access that is exceptional. We’re eager to see how HG Audience will continue to evolve and work alongside Dstillery’s data-driven marketing solutions.”

To learn more about HG Audience: