Tegile Uses Technographics to Deliver More Predictable Results

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Tegile Uses Technographics to Deliver More Predictable Results

Tegile, a Western Digital brand, makes all-flash and hybrid storage arrays that help organizations accelerate their infrastructure, simplify storage management, and reduce costs by consolidating all of their workloads onto a single flash platform.

As a startup, Tegile sought to displace decades-old incumbents who would only consider a startup if it provided capabilities the incumbents could not. Using technology intelligence, primarily installation data, Tegile wanted to identify, and focus on, ideal prospects served by their services, namely organizations with a need for hybrid or all-flash solutions across multiple protocols. And though Tegile was acquired, their challenge remained: close opportunities faster and to sell to more profitable accounts.


With Tech Intelligence from HG Insights, Tegile could find these prospects best suited for their solutions. Taking it one step further, they used install insights to see what technology their prospects were using, and where there were caps in their service—allowing them to find displacement opportunities. They could then speak directly to their prospect’s pain points and learn how to address more profitable accounts. By seamlessly integrating technology insights into their Salesforce CRM Tegile could make target market assessments, competitor and alliance reports, SDR pitches, and more.

HG’s Tech Intelligence Helped Tegile Realize a 64% Lift in Closed/ Won Revenue Prediction



Tegile chose HG Insights so they could identify prospects with specific hardware technologies. With HG, they increased their sales win percentage by selecting the right alliance partners and they reduced the time it took to act on new information from weeks to minutes by eliminating data scrubbing and mapping. Thanks to HG’s seamless integration with Salesforce, Tegile eliminated time-consuming tasks such as data scrubbing and mapping, unsiloed the data so it could be used in Salesforce reports, triggers, workflows, and flows without any API calls to slow things down, and enhanced their alliance strategy by co-selling into accounts with complementary tech stacks.


“Tech install data from HG Insights helped us identify accounts with the right technology profile for our solutions. As a result, we can now identify the accounts that are 64% more likely to turn into closed/ won revenue for us. HG Insights’ seamless integration with Salesforce also enabled us to access and act on the data in real-time so that we can take advantage of opportunities the moment they arise.”
James Schoensiegel, Global Marketing Ops Manager, Tegile

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