Technographic data shows you the hardware and software technologies companies use to run their business.

By knowing the technology products installed and technology spend levels at your accounts, you can be more precise in your targeting and outreach, leading to faster conversion and close rates. Get a quick snapshot of how you can do this below and click on links to get more details.

1. ABM Scoring & Prioritization

ABM success is largely dependent on targeting and prioritizing the accounts that have the highest propensity to buy and fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Technographic scoring allows you to develop highly targeted account lists, identify the best fit accounts for your solutions, and discover new opportunities.

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2. TAM and Market Analysis

One of the biggest discoveries companies make when they start using technographics is that their total available market might be 3-5x bigger than they had estimated.  Accurately sizing your Total Addressable Market (TAM) is critical for growth, and HG Insights’ unique intelligence allows companies to analyze and identify the markets with the most potential value.

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3. Sales Territory Planning

You can turn territory planning into a strategic advantage by ensuring your account executives target the prospects with the highest propensity to buy and match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Use detailed IT spend, install, and contract renewal activity to truly understand your prospects, remove subjectivity out of territory planning, and focus your efforts on the right opportunities.

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4. Ideal Customer Profile Development

Utilizing technographic insights such as IT spend and technology purchase behavior allows you to analyze your top customers and better define what your true Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) looks like. See how you can identify the tech profile of your best customers and prospects and use this information to focus your efforts on accounts with the highest revenue potential.

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5. Marketing Campaigns

Targeting and messaging campaigns with technographic insights allow marketers to design and execute programs that increase engagement, generate leads, and build pipeline so you can grow faster. Use these insights to convert more leads by delivering highly relevant campaigns with messaging customized to a prospects initiatives, existing solutions, and pain points.

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6. Online Advertising

A recent study by TechTarget revealed that B2B marketers can double the results of their demand gen programs by complementing those programs with online advertising. With technographics-based HG Audience segments, you can now maximize your ad spend by hyper-targeting your ads directly to audiences using the technology products you specify.

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7. Revenue Expansion

By using technographics, sales and marketing teams can see if their customers are using competing or complementary products for which their solutions may be a better fit. Understanding their account’s technology landscape allows them to implement relevant competitive displacement campaigns as well as effective cross-sell and up-sell promotions that drive more revenue from existing accounts.

Learn how companies are successfully using technographics to close more deals, maximize the ROI of their marketing programs, retain existing customers, and identify new prospects.

8 Prioritizing Sales Call Lists

Technographics give your sales teams the ability to focus on the right accounts and prospects so they spend less time prospecting and more time selling. Sage Intacct, a leader in cloud-based ERP software, used technology install information to prioritize a list of 70K prospects, making it easy for their sales teams to reach the right accounts with the right message, resulting in several significant wins in a short period of time.

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