When it comes to growing your business, having a compelling value proposition is important, but it’s not much use if nobody knows about it and you don’t have the intelligence you need to tailor your message to the needs of the prospects most likely to be interested in your product offering.

Two key pieces of tech intelligence information can help you address this situation and put your company on a path to scalable growth.

  • IT spend intelligence quickly helps you identify your total addressable market for your product category. With it you can see how large your market is per country, state/province, city or region. But perhaps most importantly, it allows you to see the companies that comprise the spend so that you can prioritize which accounts your sales and marketing teams should go after with their outreach.
  • Tech installation intelligence (technographics) is another critical ingredient because when you know what technology products your accounts have installed, you can tailor your outreach accordingly. For example, if you know a particular set of accounts has a competitor solution installed that you compete well against, you can target these prospects with a custom message addressing how your platform solves the pain points associated with the competitor’s product. Alternatively, if they have a complementary solution installed, you can reach out with a message highlighting how your product enhances their current technology.

How Commvault Uses Tech Insights to Scale Revenue Growth Worldwide

A recent report by IDC revealed that Commvault’s platform has helped its customers reduce hardware and software costs by 44% while also reducing annual unplanned downtime by 62%. The potential revenue growth for Commvault is huge as there are thousands of companies worldwide who could benefit from similar savings and efficiencies in storage management. The challenge is finding these companies and prioritizing them in order to scale revenue globally.

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