If your company offers a B2B technology product or service, one of the most valuable pieces of information you can know about your account is if they are using a technology product that competes with or complements your own offering — we call this information technographics. Having easy access to this type of information in Salesforce, allows your sales and marketing teams to prioritize which accounts to pursue, and reach out to their prospects with a message that’s relevant and directly addresses their pain points.

In this post, I’ll show you one way you can use technographics to quickly identify and display the competitive and complementary products on your Accounts and Opportunities using HG for Salesforce. Alternatively, you can also watch my how-to video:

Competitor or Complementary?

The first step is going to be identifying which technology products are considered competitive, and which are considered complementary. One way you can do this is by using the formula field on the HG Insights Technologies object, which is part of the HG for Salesforce package.

For purposes of this example, I’ve identified the following as competitive and complementary solutions. If you’re following along, just select the technologies (technographics) that are appropriate for your environment.

Competitor Solutions:

– Acme CRM

– CoreTex CRM

Complementary Solutions:

– Market2U

– MailGorilla

Then create a new formula field on the HG Insights Technology object as follows:
1. Go to Setup > Object Manager
2. Navigate to the HG Insights Technology object that is part of the Managed Package
3. Under Fields & Relationships click New
4. Select Formula and click Next
5. Enter the Field Label as Technology Type and Text as the Formula Return Type
6. For this formula, we are going to use the CASE() function

HG_Data_Connect__product__c ,
'Acme CRM', 'Competitor',
'CorTex CRM', 'Competitor',

This formula will return “Competitor” for Acme CRM and CoreTex CRM and return “Complementary” for Market2U and MailGorilla

Now that we’ve identified our technology types, let’s create some reports that you can use to display this information on the Account object.

To do this, create two reports with charts: one for Competitive Products, and one for Complementary Products.

Then filter the reports based on the new Technology Type field we created as part of our formula, and add a chart to them so they can be displayed on the Account layout.
*Be sure to use a report type that includes the Account ID!

Creating the report is fairly straightforward — just remember to add the correct filters and mind the date ranges.

Competitive Technologies

Now we can add the Report Charts to the Account Page Layout:

And when we go to an account record, we can see what competitors and complementary products are in use!

Again, this is one easy way you can quickly use HG for Salesforce to track the Accounts and Opportunities using competitive or complementary technologies to your own solution. Once you have your formula and reports set up, you’ll be able to provide your sales and marketing teams with the technographics they need to target the right opportunities.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the latest edition of our SalesOps Insider Blog Series. Look for more posts in the upcoming weeks. And if you have topics you’d like to see covered in the future, please put them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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