In our recent “How to Accelerate Your ABM Program Results with Enriched Data” webinar, we covered:

  • 4 different data enrichment types that make a difference in your ABM program
  • the ABM Demand Diamond, a model that helps you visualize and understand how to use this data to close more selling opportunities faster
  • examples of how our customers are using data to exceed their goals

If you didn’t get a chance to see the live event you can watch it on-demand now, download the slides or review some more of the highlights below.

Highlights of Our Customers’ ABM Results

  • Technographic Account Scoring
    One of our customers used technographic scoring to identify accounts that are 64% more likely to turned into closed won revenue. This led to a 49% increase in revenue from target accounts using technographics.
  • Identify Accounts with Right Technology Installs
    A SaaS provider used technographic data to identify the cloud solutions installed at their ABM accounts. This allowed them to develop campaigns and messaging specific to the cloud products in place at these accounts, including e-mail, digital advertising and content marketing. These more targeted efforts achieved engagement rates that were 2.5x industry average, and turned into sales in less than 30 days.
  • Prioritize Existing Database of 70K+ Accounts
    By enriching their accounts with technographic data, a maker of ERP software was able to find accounts with legacy software that was no longer supported or about to expire. They then focused their SDRs on these accounts with specific messaging designed to address pain points and initiate relevant conversations, leading to sales wins within weeks of enriching their accounts.

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