In our recent “How to Drive More Revenue Faster Using the Magic Triangle of IT Intelligence” webinar, we examined how:

  • deep spend insights drive sales via the targeting of top spending accounts
  • knowledge of your customers installed technology base can help you better plan, target and compete
  • how actionable intelligence on customer contracts can shorten your sales cycle and increase win rates

If you didn’t get a chance to see the live event you can watch it on-demand now, download the slides or review some more of the highlights below.

Webinar Highlights

  • IT Spend Intelligence 
    IT spend intelligence is a great way to identify and prioritize which accounts to target, find the highest spending accounts by technology area, build territory/account level profiles to help sales, and create wallet share analysis. Deep IT spend intelligence data can tell you not only how much money a company is spending on IT, but also tell you how much is being spent in your product category area. For example, if you’re a storage provider and you know that a company is only spending 2% of its storage budget with you, then you know an opportunity exists to grow your business with this account. See how Wells Fargo used this data to decide exactly which accounts prioritize.
  • Tech Install Data
    By knowing what technology products are installed at your accounts, you can develop better sales territories, create customized competitive takeaway campaigns with messaging that is on target, and understand the technology footprint of an account so you can see if there are potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities.In this section we’ll show you just how granular we can get with the tech install data so you can really tailor your campaign messaging and talking points to address immediate pain points.
  • Contract Intelligence
    With detailed contract data you’ll know when a technology contract is up for renewal and who the contract is with. This information can be used to reach a company with your offering well before their contract expires. If the technology contract is with a value added services provider, you can reach out to the provider to let them know how your solution can help them in their upcoming renewal efforts.
  • Live Demonstration
    In the second section of the webinar, you’ll see how you can use our Pivotal iQ platform to access all elements discussed above in one place so you know exactly who to target, with what message and when.

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