In our recent “How to Triple Sales with Intelligent Insights and Effective Engagement” webinar, we discussed how to:

  • How to use technographics to deliver a personalized buying experience
  • The actions, sequences and playbooks that encourage prospects to engage with you
  • How your company can become 67% more effective at closing deals

If you didn’t get a chance to see the live event you can watch it on-demand now.

Webinar Highlights

Why You Need a Sales Engagement Platform Even if You Have a CRM
For a majority of companies, a CRM platform serves as a great system of record to house all the information associated with their accounts. But at the end of the day, you need more than a database. You need a system of action that allows your reps to easily manage and perform all the tasks they need to do to engage with an account. Listen to our panelists discuss how a sales engagement platform facilitates the right outreach for your SDRs and ensures that they follow up with the right action at the right time.

How Sales Engagement Helps You Increase Sales
On average, only 48% of marketing leads are followed up on by sales. And when left on their own, sales reps will typically only follow up twice, which is well below 12-15 touches required to achieve any kind of success. Listen to our panelists discuss how a sales engagement platform helps automate actions and sequences so that your reps follow up using the right actions, channels and cadence.

How Having Technographics in Your Sales Engagement Helps Your Outreach
Having technographic information such as what technology is installed at an account, how much the account spends on that technology and when it is up for renewal, helps your sales team focus their efforts on the accounts that are most likely to turn into revenue. Listen to our panelists discuss the types of campaigns technographics enable for them and the results their customers have achieved.

How SDR Managers Benefit from a Sales Engagement Platform
A sales engagement platform allows SDR managers to see what types of playbooks are working, drill into the actions that lead SDRs to succeed or fail, and test different approaches quickly and systematically. Hear our panelists talk about how the visibility into what’s effective or not provides a constant feedback loop that enables the entire SDR team to learn, grow and drive sales efficiently.

What is a Sales Playbook and How Do I Build One?
A sales playbook is a coordinated set of actions carried out over a period of time, which is designed to engage your accounts. In this segment, our panelists discuss what goes into creating a playbook, why there is no silver bullet, and what you should consider when building one.

How Intelligent Insights and a Sales Engagement Platform Help Align Sales and Marketing Efforts
Organizations that have aligned sales and marketing teams are 67% more effective at closing deals. Hear our panelists discuss how tech intelligence and sales engagement keep their sales and marketing teams focused on the right accounts with consistent actions and messages.

Those are just some of the topics we covered in our webcast. To hear the entire story, watch the webinar now on demand.