In our “Increase Engagement & Create More Leads With HG for Marketo” webinar, we discussed how to:

  • Build campaign segments based on the technology products your prospects use
  • Prioritize leads by identifying prospects with the highest propensity to buy
  • Mobilize campaigns quickly to take advantage of industry news with timely outreach

If you didn’t get a chance to see the live event you can watch it on-demand now or review some more of the highlights below.

Webinar Highlights

How to Deliver More Effective Campaigns with HG for Marketo
HG Insights product manager, Laura Firey, demonstrates the step-by-step process of using technographic segmentation directly in Marketo to hyper-target the right audience for your sales and marketing outreach. You’ll also learn how this type of targeting enables you to customize your message more effectively for much better results across all your campaigns.

Use Technographic Scoring to Target the Right Leads
HG for Marketo makes it easy to target your campaigns to prospects using a specific technology product or a set of products. See how to use technographics-based scoring to focus your sales and marketing outreach on the leads with the highest propensity to buy.

Quickly Enable Technographic Enrichment within Marketo
See how easy it is to enrich your Marketo prospects with technographic data. You’ll get a quick overview of the set up process and see how any new prospects are enriched automatically so there is no extra work for your marketing operations team.

Those are just some of the topics we covered in our webcast. To hear the entire story, watch the webinar now on demand.