Approaches for Obtaining Technographic Data

When choosing a vendor, it is important to consider the methods your provider uses to curate their technographic data so you can ensure that you are getting comprehensive and accurate technology intelligence.

Phone Surveys
Some methods, such as phone surveys, have proven so successful that companies have used them for decades. Organizations that continue to use this approach today employ large teams of experienced analysts to make the phone calls and derive the information. However, scaling data curation this way is hard and time consuming so companies using this method typically only focus on extracting data from a very specialized segment of the market and track a restricted number of businesses within a particular category.

Digital Scraping
Another popular technique that companies use to track technology intelligence is digitally scraping code from a website that indicates if a specific technology is in use. If the code is readily available, these companies can provide you with digital signature information that lets you know whether an account is using a certain product, such as Marketo, Salesforce, or Google Analytics. Unfortunately, this method is limited because it cannot give you any information on hardware or software technologies that do not leave a digital footprint. Legacy code can also be left on a website after a product is no longer in use, which leads to skewed data and an inaccurate profile.

A third popular approach to gathering technographics is the creation of models to try and determine what types of technologies certain companies may be using. Third-party data providers do this by identifying a restricted number of companies that use a specific type of technology, such as a CRM or marketing automation platform, and then proceed to build a model to deduce other companies who may be using the same technology. Although this method can save time, it lacks accuracy because it is based on predicting what a company may have installed rather than knowing.

Why Your Technographics Vendor Matters

Technographic data can come in many forms and vary greatly when it comes to breadth, depth, and quality, which is why it’s very important to choose the right vendor. At HG Insights, our goal from the start was to provide the most reliable worldwide data set available at scale. To do this, we invested in a team of experienced engineers and used data science to create a unique method of processing, curating and delivering the most comprehensive and accurate technographic insights in the market today.

And because accuracy is important to us, a significant portion of our process also involves human validation of our output. In part three of our series we will go over how we’re able to provide accurate and comprehensive technology intelligence at scale, so that our customers have the tech intelligence they need to generate revenue faster.