A company’s technology stack can provide you with the critical intelligence you need to customize your sales and marketing outreach. From it, you can get clear insights into what software or hardware technology products your accounts have installed, how much they spend on those products, and when the technology is up for renewal. This information is known as technographic data and you can use it from everything to TAM analysis and sales territory planning, to ICP creation, account selection, and crafting highly relevant messages for your outreach.

Technographics Help Guide Entire Sales Process

Technographics help you through the entire sales process, from planning to closing the sale. Comprehensive and accurate IT spend and technology installation intelligence give you what you need to identify your ideal customer profile, correctly size your market opportunity, and divide sales territories so they are more equitable and profitable. At the same time, technographics also provide you with contract data so you can you prioritize which accounts to target first.

Use Tech Intelligence to Prioritize Accounts and Be Relevant

For companies selling B2B technology products or services, the best way to grab the attention of your target accounts is to hook them with a personalized message. Technographic intelligence provides you with the insights you need to prioritize which accounts to pursue and helps you reach out to your prospects with a message that’s relevant and directly addresses how you can help their business. All of this intelligence helps your sales and marketing outreach be much more targeted, relevant, and effective, whether you’re reaching out via email, digital advertising, phone, or social media.

In our upcoming 4-part blog series on technographics, we will be covering all things technographics, including what they are, selecting a vendor, use cases and how you can use the insights you derive from them to generate revenue faster.