The Company

Zendesk provides a leading unified suite of products focused on improving customer relationships. Products on the Zendesk platform have a common user interface and are designed to perform a wide variety of support functions including tracking, prioritizing, and solving help desk tickets, engaging with customers through targeted communications, and using analytics to measure and understand the entire customer experience.

The Challenge

Zendesk has built a powerful and sophisticated customer support platform, resulting in a loyal following of more than 114,000 customers. However, over the years, other competitors have entered the market with their own products. After surveying the competitive landscape, Zendesk realized that many of these other offerings weren’t nearly as robust as their own platform.

Based on this insight, Zendesk felt they had a great opportunity to win back market share by targeting companies using competitor solutions. But to do this, they would first need a way to quickly find these companies. To do this, Zendesk used HG Technographics to identify companies using products from competitors. The comprehensive tech install data also helped them better calculate their total available market, which ended up being 3x to 5x larger than they anticipated.

A How-to for Winning Back Customers

Recently, Zendesk Growth Leader, Brianne Kimmel, put together an excellent How-to blog post titled “How to Grow by Stealing Market Share,” which captures the things her team learned in implementing a comprehensive program designed to win back market share from its competitors. Among other things, it includes:

> Details on how to structure your competitive marketing program

> A framework for how to take actions based on the moves your competitors make

> Third-party data/vendors Zendesk used to achieve results

> Examples of what the data revealed about their competitors and what it allowed them to do

> Samples of the materials they created to take on their competitors directly

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