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Go-To-Market perfection with SOM analysis through technology intelligence.

3 Ways Your Serviceable Obtainable Market Leads to Go-To-Market Success

Insights into what products your accounts and prospects have installed, what they spend on those products, allow you to quickly find the right accounts to target, deliver more relevant and effective campaigns, and hit revenue growth goals. Go-To-Market with confidence with HG Insights!

Account-based marketing, or ABM, allows you to identify and prioritize high-value companies

4 Secrets For A Successful ABM Campaign

With ABM you can engage with businesses individually. This allows you to target specialized segments and craft individual content, communication, and campaigns for your accounts. You can interact with them on a more personal level. Speaking to their specific needs, pain points, and growth goals. This makes your customers feel heard and happy, which brings confidence and loyalty. It shows you’re listening, and it works.

CTO Rob Fox explains what makes HG Insights a market leader.

A Novel Technology Ensures Credibility And Market Dominance

Back to Our Blog Rob Fox CTO Share this post Share on LinkedInShare on LinkedInTweetShare on TwitterShare on FacebookShare on Facebook HG Insights, the market leader in technology intelligence with its ground-breaking HG Platform, recently launched the HG Market Intelligence solution. In this edition of Insider Interviews, HG Insights’ CTO Rob Fox explains the difference

WEBINAR RECAP: How to Use Account Intelligence to Land Larger Deals Faster

In our recent “How to Use Account Intelligence to Land Larger Deals Faster” webinar, we discussed how to: Create demand gen campaigns based on technographics and firmographics Use account intelligence to align your sales and marketing teams Leverage technology install data to generate sales faster and land larger deal sizes  If you didn’t get a chance to