TAM in Action

TAM in Action: Success Stories from Our Customers

Defining your total addressable market (TAM) correctly has tremendous implications for your B2B sales and marketing teams. And if your TAM is comprised of actionable technology intelligence, consisting of comprehensive technology installation and budget spend information for your category of product(s), you have the foundation you need to: Create more profitable and equitable sales territories

How to Calculate Your TAM and Make it Actionable

How to Calculate Your TAM and Make it Actionable

Your total addressable market (TAM) represents the total available opportunity for your product or service. Although the definition for TAM may sound simple, defining it correctly has tremendous implications for managing and growing your business. Get it right and you can: Create equitable and more profitable sales territoriesAlign the efforts of your sales and marketing

make digital advertising easy & effective with technographics

Make Digital Advertising Easy & Effective With Tech Insights

The top 3 complaints consumers had about digital advertisements in 2019 were that there were “too many ads”, “annoying or irrelevant ads”, and “intrusive ads” (VPN Mentor). Many times, these complaints are the motivations behind ad-blocking, which for a digital advertiser, is your worst nightmare. Digital advertising campaigns are only effective if you’re able to