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HG Cloud Consumption (Intricately) – The data engine to grow your business!

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Why HG Cloud Consumption (Intricately)

  1. Fugue increased sales qualified leads by over 200%
  2. Infoworks identified over 150% of their TAM
  3. Qubole reduced prospecting time by 95%
  4. Snowflake and other top companies rely on Intricately as their secret weapon for ABM efforts

What Our Customers Say About Our Platform

“I love intricately. They have fundamentally changed our business.”

– Ryan McCurdy, VP of Demand Generation, Lacework

“Intricately has been transformational for our organization”

– Trevor Tileston, Director of Strategy & Analytics, Microsoft

About HG Cloud Consumption:
HG Insights monitors the adoption, usage, and spend on 21,000 distinct cloud products and analyzes the usage of more than seven million companies worldwide. Using its proprietary Global Sensor Network, deployed in more than 150 points of presence (PoPs), Intricately has a comprehensive view into how organizations deploy, utilize, and invest in their digital products, applications, and infrastructure.

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