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Empower your business and deliver strategic advantage with custom insights solutions

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HG Insights’ analyst teams offer solutions tailored to your specific requirements and business needs. Utilizing our extensive experience in market research and analysis we help our customers accelerate growth and solve complex business issues.

How we help our customers:

  • Advanced Cohort Analysis: By analyzing your customers and prospects through the lens of our complete dataset, we are able to help define data driven groupings that provide clarity and insights.


  • Interactive Data Visualizations: Experience the industries and markets you sell into with interactive visualizations that allow you to identify trends and opportunities.


  • Ramp New Sellers: Grow sales teams more quickly and efficiently by providing new account executives with a set of target accounts and insights into how to approach them.


  • Identify Target Accounts: Maximize your sales and marketing efficiency by working with analysts to find your true Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and then identify the best fit accounts.


  • Analyze Market Share: Gain deep understanding of the market shares of your partners and competitors to uncover markets with the greatest opportunity and probability of success.


  • Profile Key Accounts: Engage your target accounts armed with comprehensive company profiles and battle plans.  
  • Fuel Marketing Initiatives: Execute sophisticated marketing campaigns powered by advanced technographic and firmographic segmentation.

We love a good challenge

Using sophisticated tools and advanced data science approaches, our analysts deliver answers to some of the toughest questions facing our customers.
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