Commvault Uses Tech Insights to Scale Revenue Growth Worldwide

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Commvault Uses Tech Insights to Scale Revenue Growth Worldwide

Commvault brings a revolutionary converged data management solution that redefines what backup and recovery means for the progressive enterprise, enabling these organizations to know, move, manage, recover, manage and use their most critical asset – their data.


According to an IDC report, Commvault’s data backup, recovery and access solution has helped its customers reduce hardware and software costs by 44%, while also reducing annual unplanned downtime by 62%, on average. The potential revenue growth for Commvault is huge as there are thousands of companies worldwide who could benefit from similar savings and efficiencies in storage management. The challenge is finding these companies and prioritizing them in order to scale revenue globally.


Commvault is now using technology installation, IT spend, and contract intelligence from HG Insights to find and prioritize new and existing accounts. With this information, Commvault can target accounts using inefficient and costly multivendor storage management solutions, or less robust platforms from its competitors. Their sales and marketing teams can then reach out to prospects with a custom message or proposal that is based on their technology environment and shows them exactly what type of performance and cost benefits they can expect.

Why HG Insights Was Chosen
  • Ability to see IT spend by category (e.g. storage management), region and country
  • Provide granular IT spend and tech install insights worldwide, including APAC and EMEA
  • Detailed contract information that includes technology purchased, vendor name and terms
  • HG Insights’ services team delivers use cases, insights and recommendations for data use


“Detailed tech intelligence from HG Insights show us what technologies an account has installed, what they spend on them, and which vendors they spend it with. Not only does this help us find and prioritize accounts, it also enables us to reach prospects with a custom proposal that highlights the operational control, efficiency gains and risk mitigation they can achieve with our solution.”
Anders Stinger, Director DP Share Capture

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