HG Insights
for Salesforce

Review customized tech intelligence alongside your customer relationship management platform’s existing account information

Sort Through And Target The Right Accounts

Focus your effort on the accounts and leads with the highest propensity to buy and the greatest revenue potential.

  • Prioritize accounts with the highest budgets
  • Target your competitor’s customers
  • Create equitable sales territories

Analyze. Prioritize. Win.

Use Salesforce’s robust reporting and dashboard tools to analyze and segment your customers and prospects by the technologies they are currently using to determine their technology fit.

  • Find prospects with favorable technology stacks and budgets
  • Segment companies using competitive or complementary products
  • Build technology fit scores to prioritize prospects and leads
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Built on Lightning Data

Safe, secure, and completely native, our integration installs in minutes and keeps your accounts and leads updated with the latest technology intelligence.

  • Automatic enrichment and updates of accounts and leads
  • Native to the Salesforce.com platform
  • No batch Apex or API usage

Discover Opportunity

Discover Companies allows you to quickly search for new companies with specific technology profiles and import them directly into Salesforce.

  • Filter by specific technologies in use
  • Combine technology and firmographic filters
  • Identify which accounts are already in Salesforce

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