Snowflake Relies on HG to Supercharge ABM and Align Sales

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How HG Fuels Growth at Snowflake

Snowflake is a modern data warehouse built for the cloud that is revolutionizing the way large scale data products are bought. As a data-driven marketing organization, having accurate data that can be reliably utilized in their Go-To-Market strategy is critical as they seek to be taken seriously and trusted in the space.


Identifying their Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Identify the companies that are ready to make the move to the cloud or are already using cloud technologies. Focus their sales and marketing efforts on the companies that are most likely to purchase. With firmographics alone, Snowflake was unable to see what a prospects infrastructure looked like as well as their fundamental use-case. Essentially, SDRs were simply spinning their wheels as to whether a lead was qualified.

An unparalleled view of prospect and customer data using Intricately from HG Insights
Because of Intricately’s data accuracy, Snowflake now has a full 360 view of the customer profile. Specifically, they now have:
  • Insight into infrastructure and usage that was previously unavailable.
  • The insight to craft an account-specific value message before first interaction.
  • An increase in ability to target and ROI.
Result – How Intricately Fuels Growth at Snowflake

How Intricately Fuels Growth at Snowflake

With Intricately from HG Insights, Snowflake has enabled marketing to refine and strengthen their ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and proactively target the right companies. As a result, the sales team is better aligned with the ABM strategy with more effective outreach and accelerated sales cycles.

“Intricately empowers marketing to not only understand what technologies a company is using but also how they are fundamentally using those technologies, which is something I have not seen anywhere else.”
Daniel Day, Director of ABM, Snowflake

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