AWS Ecosystem 2022

In this report, we’ll provide a detailed overview of the AWS buyer landscape. If your business integrates with and/or complements AWS, if you resell their products or compete in similar markets, you’ll gain insights that can help accelerate your marketing and sales results.

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Intricately’s Global Sensor Network collects data on the 1.45 million businesses using AWS cloud computing solutions. In 2021, AWS hit $62.2 billion in revenue — a 37% increase from 2020. We wanted to provide an overview and share some insights about how this revenue is generated. Intricately collects a wide array of data about cloud product usage, but in this report specifically, we’ll be covering: Which companies use cloud services from AWS? How, and how much, do they use it? What’s the rate of adoption and how much are they spending?

Intricately’s 2022 AWS Ecosystem Report reveals:

  • AWS company spend
  • AWS customers by industry
  • Multi-cloud adoption among AWS customers
  • Cloud and hybrid spend by company size, and more!

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